KIRAone - AI technology for security and smart automation.
Mobile and flexible manufacturing tools need smart systems.
We stand for collaborative robots without fences.


We are Continumm-Innovation


Kilian Reiss

Process engineer

Micro-Technology & Robotics

Fraunhofer IZM


Sebastian Drasdo


AI & Photonics

Fraunhofer IZM


Vladimir Erajzer

Mechanical engineer

CAD & Simulation

Fraunhofer IZM


Martha Hiebl

Business Administration

Audi, VW



Quoc-Cuong Dao

Software engineer

Smart Sensors

Fraunhofer IZM, Heidenhain


Vivian Böthling

PR & Social Media

Sales Managment

SMEs - Industrial

Why you should choose


Powerful Features

Our machine vision based learning algorithm enable easy and intuitive teaching without coding.



A soft and sensitive robot skin and precise area monitoring turns our robot into a considerate assistant.


New Design

Our new design strategy makes our solution to a real all purpose tool.